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Most Popular In-Demand Programming Languages of 2014

Do you wonder which programming languages are the most popular and in-demand and how they compare with Ruby? Here is a comparison of the following languages: Ruby, Python, Php, Javascript, Scala, Java, Objective-C and C Unfortunately, I had to leave out Go in this comparison since “go” is such a generic term and “golang” didn’t […]

Log to your JavaScript Console from Ruby

You can log to your JavaScript console from Ruby with https://github.com/ConradIrwin/console.log What problems has it solved for you?

jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again

Nick Pink attended the Silicon Valley HTML5 Users Group meeting recently and here are his notes which I am posting with his permission. Last night I went a meetup sponsored by the Silicon Valley HTML5 Users Group called “jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again”. The speaker, Dr. Doris Chen of Microsoft, talked specifically about AJAX […]

Extremely Clean Way to Preload all Images

Are your images flickering since you aren’t preloading them? This is kinda annoying. There’s a simple solution. Read below. If you want an extremely clean, DRY, unobtrusive way to preload all images which are defined in your CSS without having to re-specify those urls as arguments into another JavaScript function, check out A New & […]

How to Speed up Rendering pages which include lots of JavaScript

When referencing an external JavaScript file within the head tag of your HTML, the rendering of the page is halted while the external JavaScript file is downloaded and loaded. In order to speed up rendering of the page, you can move your javascript_include_tag from your head tag to the last line within your body tag […]

Rails Draggable Element Example – Scriptaculous Effect

This is a simple example of how to create two separate draggable elements using Scriptaculous Effect draggable_element. Here is what the end result will look like. Each box will be draggable. So once done, you’ll be able to drag each section and each section will remain on the screen where you leave it: Include default […]

Scriptaculous Effect.BlindUp and Effect.BlindDown

Here is an example sample code which demonstrates how to use Scriptaculous’ Effect.BlindUp and Effect.BlindDown in your Rails application to show and hide a section of your HTML. For example, let’s assume you want to hide some details and only show them if the user wants to see those details. These details are placed in […]