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Simplify your Life with and SSH Config File

This is a great post for those who ssh to many different hosts and have to remember which hostname, username, key and port to use for each server they want to connect to. http://nerderati.com/2011/03/simplify-your-life-with-an-ssh-config-file/

How to Create a Shorter Alias for Public DNS Hostname

After you’ve created your Amazon EC2 instance, set up Security Groups for ssh, set up your key pair, you will realize that your Public DNS for your EC2 instance is super long and very hard to remember. You also wish you could exclude having to type the "username@" prefix when you ssh to the server. […]

Cheap Web Hosting for Rails Applications

If you want to host Ruby on Rails apps on a shared web hosting account and don’t want to spend too much money, consider using a web hosting company like BlueHost. Advantages of using BlueHost to host your Rails app BlueHost currently, as of September 6, 2009, provides the following services. BlueHost offers many more […]

BlueHost login to your ssh account without typing in a password

The following will hold true for being able to avoid typing in your password to get into any ssh account, assuming there is no firewall blockage. First make sure your public key exists. Look in your ~/.ssh/ If you see id_rsa.pub, it exists. If your public key doesn’t exist, you have to create it. You […]