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Using ActionMailer::Preview with Devise mailers in Rails 4.1

ActionMailer::Preview is pretty awesome and newly introduced in Rails 4.1+ It allows you to preview formatting of emails from within the browser without having to send emails just to be able to preview them in the email client. This substantially reduces the duration of each development cycle between coding and testing a modification. If you […]

Building a Simple Addressbook with Authentication using Devise

Assumptions: You are using Rails 3, even though I tried to accomodate Rails 2 as well. In this Tutorial / Recipe, l go through creating a very simple “Addressbook” with Devise as its Authentication system. This Addressbook only contains two fields name and phone. A User model is generated with authentication using the Devise gem. […]

Authlogic vs Devise for Authentication in Rails

The following post has been written by Brian Morearty. Here he compares Authlogic to Devise. I’m posting the following with his permission. "Here’s my comparison. Please keep in mind this is after only having used Authlogic for a few months (I used it on another project) and Devise for a few hours: Authlogic and Devise […]