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Is web-console one of the most useful gems in Rails 4.2?

Rails 4.2 will be the web-console gem included in it and I can see this being one of the most important features added to the framework since it can help Rails developers become even more efficient when developing new features as well as debugging bugs. The Rails console is embedded in your loaded browser page […]

Log to your JavaScript Console from Ruby

You can log to your JavaScript console from Ruby with What problems has it solved for you?

Rails and rake db:migrate in Production Mode

There are some inconsistencies when running rails server, rails console and rake db:migrate in production mode. There really should be a standard way to let the rails and rake commands know you want to execute them in production mode. Starting Rails Server in Production Mode Starting Rails Console in Production Mode rake db:migrate in Production […]

Clearing All Rails Log Files with Rake Task

In order to clear all of your Rails log files development.log, production.log, server.log and test.log with a rake task, type: This is mainly useful while under development. Be careful with this as it will clear out your production.log file as well!

Lightning Talks at GoGaRuco

At GoGaRuco (Golden Gate RubyConf) today in San Francisco, CA The following is just some brief notes and may or may not make any sense. Talks went pretty quickly. Concurrency with Rubinius Ron Evans – TicketMaster (universal api) – allows migration of one system to another. (supports JIRA amongst other things) —– Fixture Builder by […]

Debugging Routes

To see how an external request would map to your internal path: Sample: To reload routes.rb if you made changes to it: ActionController::Routing::Routes.reload —- To generate a path use generate method: