Lightning Talks at GoGaRuco

At GoGaRuco (Golden Gate RubyConf) today in San Francisco, CA

The following is just some brief notes and may or may not make any sense. Talks went pretty quickly.

Concurrency with Rubinius

Ron Evans – TicketMaster (universal api) – allows migration of one system to another. (supports JIRA amongst other things)

Fixture Builder by Ryan Dy and David Stevenson

Biggest problem with fixture is that their unmaintainable.

You can use Factories but they are too slow for large sets of data.

fixture_builder – generates fixtures and you can tell it to rebuild your fixtures. Adding fixture_builder at the beginning of your project is easier to do.


PerfTools.rb – Aman Gupta – Debugging Ruby

Debugging Tools:

PERFTOOLS – Google’s Performance Profiler
pprof ruby –text

rack perftools profiler (url is broken… will try to update once i have it)

Smart Browsers

Target smart browsers but gracefully degrade

Chrome Frame
You can run Ruby in your browser through Native Client


Terminator – Automating Your Workflow

Automates the setup of your dev env for each project
Padrino Framework

gem install terminator


What is CoffeeScript?

It’s a wrapper language for JavaScript. The code is Ruby-Like.


Explain Ruby allows you to paste Ruby code or a URL and then explains what your code does! It’s awesome for beginning Ruby developers especially and is awesome!!!


HTTP Caching – Yehuda Katz

Grab out the If-Modified-Since headers from headers to get the last_modified time. If there isn’t a last_modified header, make up one and set it the post_modified.httpdate. Set status to 304 when… Can someone fill in my missing details? Feel free to comment please :)


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