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jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again

Nick Pink attended the Silicon Valley HTML5 Users Group meeting recently and here are his notes which I am posting with his permission. Last night I went a meetup sponsored by the Silicon Valley HTML5 Users Group called “jQuery Makes Writing JavaScript Fun Again”. The speaker, Dr. Doris Chen of Microsoft, talked specifically about AJAX […]

Easily Replace Prototype and Scriptaculous with JQuery

There is a very cool gem called jquery-rails which provides you one rails generator which will replace your Prototype and Scriptaculous JavaScript libraries with JQuery, within your Rails app. It will download JQuery and install it for you under your public/javascripts directory. I believe this gem only works with Rails 3. I’ve only tested it […]

Extremely Clean Way to Preload all Images

Are your images flickering since you aren’t preloading them? This is kinda annoying. There’s a simple solution. Read below. If you want an extremely clean, DRY, unobtrusive way to preload all images which are defined in your CSS without having to re-specify those urls as arguments into another JavaScript function, check out A New & […]