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Rails 3 Performance

Great article on Rails 3 performance Rails 3 Performance – Not Good Enough

Ruby Garbage Collection and Memory Profiling

These slides by Joe Damato and Aman Gupta explain Garbage Collection and the Ruby Heap really well. It talks about the following: How memory is managed in Ruby vs C All variables and all ruby code lives on the heap like any other object In ruby there’s no way to explicitly free memory How the […]

Lightning Talks at GoGaRuco

At GoGaRuco (Golden Gate RubyConf) today in San Francisco, CA The following is just some brief notes and may or may not make any sense. Talks went pretty quickly. Concurrency with Rubinius Ron Evans – TicketMaster (universal api) – allows migration of one system to another. (supports JIRA amongst other things) —– Fixture Builder by […]

SET data type in MySQL and ActiveRecord

I figured out something cool which solves a common database design problem. However, I’m not sure if this is supported in ActiveRecord since the SET data type does not exist in all databases. Let’s say each record in a table has zero or more properties and your set of properties is pre-defined. How would you […]

How to Speed up Rendering pages which include lots of JavaScript

When referencing an external JavaScript file within the head tag of your HTML, the rendering of the page is halted while the external JavaScript file is downloaded and loaded. In order to speed up rendering of the page, you can move your javascript_include_tag from your head tag to the last line within your body tag […]