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Bash Terminal Customizations for RVM and Git with git-completion.sh

In process of customizing my bash terminal prompt in my ~/.bash_profile, I thought it would be great to show which RVM and Git branch I was on. You can make yours look similar to this: Screenshot of what Navid’s Bash Terminal Looks Like The solution is to use git-completion.sh. You can get it via git: […]

Deploying a Rails App, with Git and Capistrano on BlueHost

Here I’ll make an attempt to describe how to create a rails app from scratch on your local machine, configure a private Git repository on BlueHost and use Capistrano to deploy the latest code from the private shared Git repository. Almost all of the steps below work, except I’m still unable to deploy the code […]

Git Commands Adding, Committing and Branching Cheatsheet

Here are a list of Git commands I want to remember for myself, mainly but I highly recommend that you bookmark this for future reference. Email yourself and friends the URL if you have to. I’ve come back to it multiple times myself. :) Store Your Name and Email for Commit Messages The following allows […]

Appending to your environment variables in Instant Rails Ruby Console Window

How do you modify your environment variables of your Instant Rails Ruby Console Window? For example, to append the location of the Git binary you’ve installed on Windows, add the following to your PATH: First figure out what you need to add to your Ruby Console PATH by looking at what was added to your […]

Installing a Private Git Repository on your Shared Hosting Account, BlueHost

The reason I added this blog entry is because I tried to set up a private Git repository on BlueHost (shared hosting account) and didn’t find all of the information I needed in one place. I called BlueHost and they told me they allow it but won’t support it. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it […]