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How to Create Self-Signed Client and Web Server Certificates using openssl

Use CSRs and Keys you got developers for each client, if there are more than one. Get it from them if you don’t have them or create the client key(s). They should do something like this and send you the csr and key: openssl genrsa -out client1.key 1024 # /C=US/ST=California/L=San Francisco/O=Your_Company_Name/OU=IT/CN=client1 Create the Certificate Signing […]

Authlogic vs Devise for Authentication in Rails

The following post has been written by Brian Morearty. Here he compares Authlogic to Devise. I’m posting the following with his permission. "Here’s my comparison. Please keep in mind this is after only having used Authlogic for a few months (I used it on another project) and Devise for a few hours: Authlogic and Devise […]

ezcrypto – ruby gem for encrypting and decrypting

ezcrypto is a Ruby wrapper around the openssl library which allows you to encrypt and decipher text. You can install ezcrypto as a gem. Installing ezcrypto as a gem ezcrypto sample code Contents of file encrypt.rb: Output: ezcrypto documentation Covers class EzCrypto::Key and methods List of Supported openssl Ciphers: