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Cheap Web Hosting for Rails Applications

If you want to host Ruby on Rails apps on a shared web hosting account and don’t want to spend too much money, consider using a web hosting company like BlueHost. Advantages of using BlueHost to host your Rails app BlueHost currently, as of September 6, 2009, provides the following services. BlueHost offers many more […]

BlueHost login to your ssh account without typing in a password

The following will hold true for being able to avoid typing in your password to get into any ssh account, assuming there is no firewall blockage. First make sure your public key exists. Look in your ~/.ssh/ If you see id_rsa.pub, it exists. If your public key doesn’t exist, you have to create it. You […]

Set up a Rails project on BlueHost

Here are advantages to using BlueHost, in my opinion, for your RoR (Ruby on Rails) projects. However, you may have to do some of your own research sometimes, but I’ve been posting BlueHost related BlueHost How-Tos. Keep in mind that BlueHost support is not just focused on hosting Rails projects. Even still, I highly recommend […]

Deploying a Rails App, with Git and Capistrano on BlueHost

Here I’ll make an attempt to describe how to create a rails app from scratch on your local machine, configure a private Git repository on BlueHost and use Capistrano to deploy the latest code from the private shared Git repository. Almost all of the steps below work, except I’m still unable to deploy the code […]

Installing a Private Git Repository on your Shared Hosting Account, BlueHost

The reason I added this blog entry is because I tried to set up a private Git repository on BlueHost (shared hosting account) and didn’t find all of the information I needed in one place. I called BlueHost and they told me they allow it but won’t support it. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it […]