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`git rev-parse feature/2.0.0 error when installing RefineryCMS engine for Mailchimp

If you’ve followed instructions on https://github.com/Wirelab/refinerycms-mailchimp, especially the part on adding this to your Gemfile: You’ll probably run into this issue: * The issue is that branch “feature” version “2.0.0” no longer exists. In order to figure out which branches are available, in github, you can click on the branch drop-down on https://github.com/Wirelab/refinerycms-mailchimp. I ended up […]

How to Remove Title from a Particular Refinery CMS page

In addition to configuring my Refinery CMS site’s homepage to show the contents of my blog posts instead, using the technique I describe at Rendering Blog Posts on Homepage in Refinery CMS, I also didn’t want to display the “Blog” page title in the Homepage body mainly  because I wanted my homepage to show content without […]

How to render your blog posts on your homepage in Refinery CMS

Add this line in your routes.rb, just above the line where you see: mount Refinery::Core::Engine, :at => ‘/’