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How to add the request parameters along with in lograge outputted files

Here is how to include the request parameters n lograge formatted log files. Lograge is a RubyGem that modifies the rails log format for you so it’s easier to parse by parsers like Logstash, for example. Here is what needs to be added to each file: Gemfile: config/environments/production.rb app/controllers/application_controller.rb

Lightweight socat UDP Logstash shippers

In my opinion it’s much better using a lightweight log shipper like socat to ship logs to Logstash. This way you can save yourself from running a Java process on the source host where your logs are. You can specify UDP as your Logstash input. The benefit of UDP is that nothing is negatively impacted […]

Caveats with Logstash udp input type and event splitting

What I noticed with logstash version 1.1.5 and even 1.1.1, is that when using the UDP input type in logstash, each line of input is not split into a separate event. The multiline filter expects each line of input to be a separate event, otherwise it won’t work properly. Therefore, before using the multiline filter, […]

Logstash Rails – Collecting / Aggregating Rails Log Stacktrace with Logstash shipper agent

How to prepare and aggregate Rails logs for Logstash: Before tagging your stacktrace events from your Rails production.log, for example, you will want to write a multiline filter in Logstash which will include each stacktrace event as a separate entry. Each section of your Rails log starts with the word “Processing” and ends with two […]