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How to Create a Shorter Alias for Public DNS Hostname

After you’ve created your Amazon EC2 instance, set up Security Groups for ssh, set up your key pair, you will realize that your Public DNS for your EC2 instance is super long and very hard to remember. You also wish you could exclude having to type the "username@" prefix when you ssh to the server. […]

My Public DNS went Missing in my ec2 Instance

My Public DNS went missing in my Amazon ec2 Instance after I did the following: I set up an Elastic IP and associated it with the instance. I then disassociated and removed the Elastic IP. That’s when my Public DNS went missing! However, DON’T PANIC :) The solution is just to wait a few minutes […]

Deploy to EC2 with Rubber on Rails 3

Rubber is a gem which makes it easy to make multi-instance deployments of your rails app to EC2. It uses capistrano to do this. Before proceeding, make sure you have your EC2 account created and have a keypair set up with Amazon. Here is recipe of what I’ve done so far. I’m running into issues […]