Appending to your environment variables in Instant Rails Ruby Console Window

How do you modify your environment variables of your Instant Rails Ruby Console Window?

For example, to append the location of the Git binary you’ve installed on Windows, add the following to your PATH:

First figure out what you need to add to your Ruby Console PATH by looking at what was added to your Environment Variables in Control Panel > System >Advanced (tab) > Environment Variables > System Variables section for ‘Path’. After installing Git on Windows, you’ll notice that C:\Program Files\Git\cmd was appended.

Open: C:\\InstantRails

Edit: C:\\InstantRails\conf_files\user_ruby.cmd

Its contents for the PATH entry initially looks like this:
        PATH ${path}\ruby\bin\;${path}\mysql\bin;%PATH%

You'll want to make it look like this:
        PATH ${path}\ruby\bin\;${path}\mysql\bin;C:\Program Files\Git\cmd;%PATH%

However, you’ll need to exit Instant Rails and reopen it for it to reload your modifications to user_ruby.cmd

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