Most Popular In-Demand Programming Languages of 2014

Do you wonder which programming languages are the most popular and in-demand and how they compare with Ruby?

Here is a comparison of the following languages:

Ruby, Python, Php, Javascript, Scala, Java, Objective-C and C

Unfortunately, I had to leave out Go in this comparison since “go” is such a generic term and “golang” didn’t return results that I felt I could trust.

Here’s the list in order from most popular to least, according to

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Javascript
  4. Python
  5. Php
  6. Ruby
  7. Objective-C
  8. Scala

Notice that Ruby is 6th on the list (not bad). Php is trending down. So who knows… Ruby may have a shot at 5th place next year. :)

And the chart from for the most popular languages in this list:

However, the relative comparison between each of these programming languages looks very different. This shows their growth rates in comparison to each other:

While Indeed gets its data points by searching for terms in job posts, codeeval gets its data points from the coding tests and challenges.

codeeval apparently looks at thousands of data points each year to determine the most popular programming languages and to determine what the trends will be for the upcoming year.

Codeeval’s order of most popular language is slightly different than Indeed’s. To me this may indicate two things… Either companies are asking develops to solve coding challenges in slightly different languages than they are actually using or codeeval’s customers don’t represent millions of jobs that Indeed claims to be aggregating and searching.

I’ve never used Codeeval’s service. However, I’m curious to know whether or not companies allow their candidates to solve the challenges in whatever programming language they desire. In that case, given that Ruby is a programmer’s language, it’s easy to believe that Ruby is pretty high on Codeeval’s list, in 4th place for most popular language for coding tests and challenges.

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