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couchbase-cli command not found?

If you see the following when trying to execute couchbase-cli: You must add the couchbase-core bin /Applications/Couchbase\┬ádirectory to your PATH.  

JDBC River Plugin for ElasticSearch

You can easily load and index data from your MySQL database straight into Elasticsearch. First install Elasticsearch and make sure it’s running. Then open up a new terminal window and install the elasticsearch-river-jdbc plugin. You then need to use the curl command to tell the plugin your river name (in the URI), the database host […]

Caveats with Logstash udp input type and event splitting

What I noticed with logstash version 1.1.5 and even 1.1.1, is that when using the UDP input type in logstash, each line of input is not split into a separate event. The multiline filter expects each line of input to be a separate event, otherwise it won’t work properly. Therefore, before using the multiline filter, […]

Simplify your Life with and SSH Config File

This is a great post for those who ssh to many different hosts and have to remember which hostname, username, key and port to use for each server they want to connect to.

Append private key from client to public key on host

You can append the contents of your private key to the public key on a server, with one command by doing the following:

Deauthorize Callback URL Setting to Localhost Won’t Work

Keep in mind that it’s not possible set the┬áDeauthorize Callback URL in your Facebook App’s Advanced Setting to a URL hosted on localhost since Facebook is making the callback from their own servers, not from yours!

Bash Terminal Customizations for RVM and Git with

In process of customizing my bash terminal prompt in my ~/.bash_profile, I thought it would be great to show which RVM and Git branch I was on. You can make yours look similar to this: Screenshot of what Navid’s Bash Terminal Looks Like The solution is to use You can get it via git: […]

How to resolve the rmagick.rb:248: [BUG] Segmentation fault issue

The way I resolved the following rmagick.rb:248: [BUG] Segmentation fault issue was by reinstalling the ImageMagick and the rmagick gem. When reinstalling imagemagick, you should disable openmp. See below. Source:

ckeditor $ is not defined

ckeditor gem assumes that you load your JavaScripts at the top of your page instead of the bottom. I used the SimpleForm integration by setting the textarea input field parameter to :as => :ckeditor which inserts the following code beneath your textarea: However, if you load your JavaScript at the bottom of the page instead […]

What is Arel?

What is Arel? Provides you Relational Algebra in Ruby. It’s included in Rails 3. Arel not an ORM. Arel – Ruby Relational Algebra Presentation