Multiline Comments in Rails ERB Views

If you want to add multiline comments to your Rails .html.erb Views do the following.
The =begin and =end need to be at the beginning of the lines for it to work!
Also, you cannot have any ERB code in the =begin and =end blocks, if you comment this way.

This is a multiline comment you can add to your .html.erb files. 
Whatever you place in these comments won't show up in your rendered HTML.
You now have a place to put comments in your views. This will help
you better understand what you did later on.
=end %>

If you want to comment out ERB code, you can do something like this, but you have to do it for each line. Just add -# to each line. For example, if you want to comment out this call to render a partial, do the following:

<%-#= render :partial => "configuration", :locals => {:host => host } %>
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